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Gym etiquette that will help men to gain perfect Body!
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Latika Arora  | Saturday, Mar 10 2012 4:01PM IST
Gym etiquette that will help men to gain perfect Body!
Lucknow: Everyone wants to gain a good body as a good etiquette matters a lot while impressing a girl. Boys loves going to gym but definitely boys will be unaware of gym etiquette and perfect gym techniques give you good body that will impress every girl.Below are certain tips that will help you out in gym:-Don't plunge the weights: Try to maintain silence and peace in the gym. Don’t drop the weights from the high elevation too loudly as it will create nuisance and unusual noise.-Limit yourself: People are expected to spend just 20 to 30 minutes on one machine. Do not exceed the time limit as others will too need the machine and if no one is around then do continue with it.-Locker room etiquette: Keep all your things in provided locker room as a replacement of carrying it with you. It will acquire a lot of place if you will carry it with you. Keep the gym neat and tidy.-Don't be late: Due to heavy rush in the gym try to come at the time allotted to you. It will help the gym instructor also to give you specific time and introduce you to new program.