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Little Angels are coming back - Aashayein, 2012
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Bhawna Kapur  | Sunday, Feb 26 2012 4:55PM IST
Little Angels are coming back - Aashayein, 2012
Ruk jaana nahi tu kahin haar ke...Kaaton pe chal ke milegenge saaye bahar ke…We do not want you to stop. We do not want you to be afraid. Who says you are any less from the so called Normal world? Who says you are not filled with talent? You are what you are! You are what you are good or we should say best with it! You are a really special gift of God for us.Why do you stop when you are filled with enthusiasm? Why do you stop when you are filled with talent? Come ahead hold our hand, we know you have it in you and its time now to show the world that you are The Best!Aashayein - Regenerating Hope 2012, an event which aims to bring forth the hidden talent of special children. An event which truly believes, that they are the little angels which god sent to make us realize that they are indeed the true inspiration and aspiration for us, the people of the world. They have the spark to bring a smile on our faces. They have the emotions to make us cry. They have the power to make us realize how wrong we do by being Self Centred. Aaj Ki Khabar realized their worth and thought why not we spread the charm of these Little Angels world over. Allen Klein rightly said, "Children remind us to treasure the smallest of gifts, even in the most difficult times."Special children are ‘special’ in their own way. They arrive on Earth with their unique gifts but mainstream life has little time for them and considers them as a problem. According to a research, there are around 3000 children suffering from Autism out of which only 150 are reported to be studying in schools or institutes. These special children are denied their special needs because of adult ignorance, social taboos, parental embarrassment and lack of ‘specialists’. In the last 3 decades however, India had mobilized itself in its own ponderous, incremental way to address the requirements of these special citizens. Aajkikhabar truly believes in the saying, "There are two ways of meeting difficulties: you alter the difficulties or you alter the way you meet them."We altered the way to meet these problems and choose Aashayein - Regenerating Hope as an event to make people aware of problems which these special children face and cabinet the hidden talent.Aashayein –Regenerating Hope was organized as an event in March 2011 at Scorpio Club where Special children of different schools performed and showcased their talent.Their mesmerizing talent surely left their footprints in the hearts of the people and that footprints are all set to touch more hearts. We are coming back with our dream event, but this time it will be Bigger and Better.17th March 2012, Indira Gandhi Pratishthan is waiting for these little angels to spread their magic and make the D- day a memorable one. The date is set, the venue is ready then what are you all waiting for? Come forward, give yourself a chance to live a day which will surely change your inner self. We assure you that you won't be able to realize that your few hours’ presence would turn out to be so precious for these Little Angels.Note: Click the following link for the video of Aashayein - Regenerating Hope