Certain Pedicures to make your feet Smooth, Supple

Certain Pedicures to make your feet Smooth,  Supple

Lucknow: We often neglect our feet while thinking that they are not being noticed by anyone. But the fact is that un-clipped nails and cracked feet, if get noticed by someone can make you fell offended or ashamed.Having the best pedicure really add up to your confidence, it really defines that you know how to take care of yourself and that you don’t take yourself for granted. Certain pedicures which can make your foot supple and smooth in this dry weather are as follow: Regular Pedicure: Simple spa which will give you a soft foot ahead. This treatment will include soaking of the feet in spa water, scrubbing them with a pubic stone and then a gentle massage of foot and calf. After your feet are wiped up, a moisturizer will be applied to protect them from cracking.Stone Pedicure: It involves a simple foot massage by using different types of oils. These are rubbed over the feet by the hot stones.Spa Pedicure: It is same as regular pedicure. The one thing added to it is Paraffin dip and seaweed treatment. Paraffin Pedicure: As the name suggests, it involves the use of paraffin wax. Feet are covered with paraffin wax to moisturize them.French Pedicure: Involves a regular pedicure with a use of the white polish on the tips of the nails and a sheer pink polish on the base.

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