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"Mamta" Scheme: A support for special children
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Lubna Hashmi  | Wednesday, Feb 22 2012 12:35PM IST
New Delhi: One of our fundamental rights stands for ‘right to education’ and according to this every child has a right to study. Special children also fall under this category and even they should be given the opportunity to access the regular school. A scheme has been introduced by State Government for Mentally Retarded Children which was set up on December 28th and will be applicable till 29th December 2017. This scheme is known as "Mamta" and aims at better education of special children. It also aims at providing training facilities to the mentally retarded and to run special schools for deaf and dumb children. It has been found out that alone in Goa there are about 3000-4000 mentally retarded children. Due to financial crisis of the parents of such children they are unable to take required education. Therefore, the scheme ordered Residential schools in the society so that the special children can gain education and increase their mental status.This scheme will help the NGOs financially, for the construction and for the overall expenses of such schools. Donation will be given for the erection of Residential Schools which have a capacity of 30 students. Payments of warden, cook, attendant and sweeper will be provided to the NGOs under this scheme. Cost of maintenance for each and every student per month will also be given. This scheme will work for the overall welfare of children.As per the National Trust Act, children with I.Q. less than 70, as certified by the Medical authority will be entitled to attend such schools with the consent of their legal guardians. To seek admission in this school one has to apply through Department of social welfare.