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Tips to counter skin aging while making you look youthful!!
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Latika Arora  | Tuesday, Nov 29 2011 3:10PM IST
Tips to counter skin aging while making you look youthful!!
New Delhi: Aging is the accumulation of changes in a person over time. Many of the external causes of aging skin are determined by the health and lifestyle decisions you make every day. However, skin is the first body part to show age. While age-related changes are inevitable, they are not universally embraced. A desire for younger looking skin can be satisfied with healthy lifestyle choices and good skin care.However, some people choose cosmetic treatments, surgery, hair transplants, and other choices to slow the external signs of aging skin, but the fact remains that everyone ages. Though certain ways to reduce sign of aging are as follows: •Avoid sun: sun exposure accelerates aging of the skin. If you want proof, compare the skin on your hands with that on your buttocks. Wear a hat, loose fitting clothes, sunglasses and SPF15+ sunscreen when outdoors, and avoid sunbathing. •Eat fruits and Vegetables: Compounds found in vegetables can also slow down brain aging, particularly the ones in green leafy vegetables. While fruits don't have much of such compounds, they are oozing with antioxidants.•Moisturize your skin regularly: Age-related dryness will be further exacerbated by skin irritants such as perfumed soaps; therefore, it’s necessary to moisturize your skin regularly.There is no fountain of youth but wide ranges of anti aging treatments are as follows: •Vascular laser: It is done to remove broken blood vessels from the face or other areas of the skin.•Facial Peels: This removes the wrinkles and age spots and encourages faster re-growth of newer, younger-looking skin.•Cosmetic surgery: This includes face lifts while making your skin youthful. However, signs of healthy aging skin include thinning, sagging, wrinkling, age spots, broken blood vessels and dryness.