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Study: Exercising increases mitochondria in brain
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Lubna Hashmi  | Friday, Sep 23 2011 1:45PM IST
Study: Exercising increases mitochondria in brain
New Delhi: One must have heard it several times that exercise plays a vital role in everybody’s life and with increasing research work done once again a benefit was observed of exercising. According to a latest study, it has been observed that exercising regularly increases the number of mitochondria in muscle cells. This results in improved strength and patience.According to the reports, researchers were unable to describe the method behind these mental effects but exercise is known to yield a number of positive mental effects. It helps in alleviating depression and improving memory.It has been found that exercise increases mitochondria in the brain thus making it a possible treatment for psychiatric disorders and neurodegenerative diseases.Study conducted on mice revealed that regular exercise also increases mitochondrial numbers in brain cells, a potential cause for exercise’s beneficial mental effects.