Salman kisses Katrina, love story on the go!

Salman kisses Katrina,  love story on the go!

Mumbai: Katrina Kaif, cute and sexy girlfriend of handsome hunk Salman Khan, both may look like made for each other but there's a doubt weather they still are? Confessing several times and hiding more so has actually made there love story the most hot and happening story of the Tinsel Town. It's been many a times that the two have been seen together and have been at times known to have fought, but in a recent act of usual mischief Salman Khan pulled Katrina's leg in an award function by asking her “Abhi kiske sath hai tu?”(With whom are you now?). Khan asked Kat at the 17th Annual Star Screen Awards."Salman was outside his van after Kat had finished her performance and crossed him to reach her make-up van parked next to Sallu's. Salman called out to her warmly and asked her to join him." What happened next?As soon as she came down, mischievous Salman got up, hugged her and even kissed her on the cheek in full view of everyone. It was evident by the act that the two were at ease with each other.As Kat moved into the van, Salman asked her, "Abhi Kiske Sath hai Tu?", on which Kat smiled gently and walked inside the van. May be that smile said it all and our Sallu miyan understood it quite well.

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