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Hindi news channel 'NEWS 17' opens shortly
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Thursday, Nov 18 2010 9:14PM IST
Hindi news channel 'NEWS 17' opens shortly
New Delhi: An upcoming Hindi television news channel titled as 'NEWS 17' will launch soon by a joint venture of Sangeet Audio and Network 17 Media Private Limited. The channel, which is awaiting its approval from the Ministry of Home Affairs, is scheduled to start its operations from the month of December 2010 and a launch in six months' time.Amit Vaid, Managing Director, said, "The matter was in an 'infancy stage' earlier but concrete steps have been taken for the launch and we are working out on it. The launch of the channel will be in six months as we start operations next month. Our idea is to have an autonomous channel on the lines of a national news channel. It will have correspondents in all major cities of the country."Rajesh Sharma, CEO and Managing Director, said, "News 17 will position itself as a formidable channel to the Indian Market. It will be up in six months, perhaps earlier in beta form. It will give premium advertisers a bouquet of screens that support true marketing innovation and it will power as a leader in News."Emphasizing that the idea for a national channel was 'nothing new', he said there were lot of segments that are still unnoticed in the television world and the idea is to bring those out to the viewers.According to sources, News 17 would be spear headed by Rohil Puri as Vice President and COO, who has recently joined in after having resigned from Total TV earlier this month. As per the information Rohil Puri would be talking care of all the operational issues of the channel. Rohil Puri has worked with companies like Times Now, Hindustan Times, Etv, CII etc.The Managing Editor of the Channel would be Vivek Avasthi who would be responsible in terms of content and News Production. Vivek Avasthi has been in the field of journalism for the last 19 years and has a working experience with many organizations including The Patriot, Hindustan Times, The Pioneer, BI TV, Aaj Tak, Zee TV, Star News and IBN7.