Aaj Ki Khabar  Aaj Ki Khabar
Our Milky Way set to 'cannibalise' smaller galaxies
Friday, Sep 19 2014 4:21PM IST
Washington: Massive galaxies in the universe have stopped making new stars and are instead gulping down nearby galaxies, according to new research. According to Australian researchers, ...
Smart space suits to help astronauts run on the moon
Thursday, Sep 18 2014 6:20PM IST
Washington: Were you intrigued by Neil Armstrong''s unusual walking style on the moon as he took a ''giant leap'' for mankind? Well, that was not because of low gravity but space suits ...
Man recovers using 3D-printed prosthetic skull replacement
Thursday, Sep 18 2014 3:00PM IST
Beijing: A Chinese man whose skull was severely injured in an accident has had fractured bones rebuilt with the help of 3D printing technology. The surgery appears to have been ...