Kolkata to have no-refusal taxis

Kolkata to have no-refusal taxis

Kolkata: Taxis that cannot refuse passengers are going to be introduced here.

This is good news for Kolkata commuters fed up with the regular arguments with taxi drivers who have made it a habit to refuse passengers on one or another pretext.

The West Bengal government is implementing a plan to introduce a fresh fleet of 2,000 cabs in the city who would never refuse passengers, be it unearthly hours or inclement weather.

The new taxis would be sleek and come with additional passenger comforts.

To ensure the drivers are in no position to turn down commuters, the words "No Refusal" would be imprinted on the vehicles in bold, said transport department officials.

The permits will be issued to only those giving an undertaking in a non-judicial stamp paper that they will never refuse a passenger, even during rallies or shutdowns.

"This is part of our aim to give a new, modern look to the city. The drivers would be required to behave courteously and politely so that tourists go back with a better impression about the city," said Transport Minister Madan Mitra.

In keeping with the state government's preferred colour scheme, the vehicles would be a combination of blue and white.

The cabs will be BS IV-compliant and have lot of space for luggage. Moroever, in all the taxis - both air-conditioned and non air-conditioned - Global Positioning System navigation and tracking devices will be installed.

"This will help in preventing crimes against women. The passengers will have an idea whether the cabbie is taking the shortest route or not and can guide the driver to take the route of his choice," said the official.

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