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Ambedkar was greater than Mahatma Gandhi: Sanjiv Jaiswal
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Rahila Siddiqui  | Friday, Apr 13 2012 5:04PM IST
Ambedkar was greater than Mahatma Gandhi:  Sanjiv Jaiswal
Press ReleaseWith his daring effort to bring out the dark truth of history on silver screen the Writer & Director Sanjiv Jaiswal affirms Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar was greater than the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi.Sanjiv says, ”Two years ago on Baba Sahab Bhimrao Ambedkar's birthday, an old man while describing the deeds of Baba Bhim Rao Ambedkar unveiled an ancient human saga of a subjugated society which was about the countless human beings condemned to subhuman existence and bestial dignity since time immemorial.He described how these people were forced to wear cow bells on their feet so as others can recognize them by its sound........ they had to wear shrubs on their waste so as their footprints can be wiped off simultaneously when they walk ...... a pot used to be hanging from their neck so as to ascertain spitting in that pot only & the land would not get polluted with their spittle........They were prohibited to enter the temple as well as worshipping god....... they had no right of education or even medical facilities. When heard all this I was deeply perturbed & somehow realized even this could be another face of society.Keeping this subject in our mind we decided to get it on celluloid & started our research on the subject from that night itself. We were shocked with the facts as we continued at our research & sensed how great was Baba Bhim Rao Ambedkar as a human being."Mahatma Gandhiji played a vital role in the fight of freedom of the nation but Baba Bhim Rao Ambedkar strived for the freedom of humanity. Gandhiji contributed in becoming the nation free but the constitution to run this nation as a free country was created by Baba Bhim Rao Ambedkar which is still working efficaciously even after 64 years of freedom, truly a recommendable display of prescience with no replacement needed even for hundreds of years from now. Nowadays, there are many people trying their hard to be as Gandhi just by donning a white Gandhi cap. This has been a country of saints & sages & hundreds of them performed their spiritual devotions & austerity because it's easy to abstain from food & survive few days but it's really hard to feed & nourish 100 people.Same goes today where it is easy to adopt & misuse the Gandhi movements like Satyagrah & Fast but analyzing the repercussions of illegitimate demands as well as provoking people for unfair means in national interest is really hard. Today, the country needs Baba Saheb Ambedkar, not Mahatma Gandhi who can assist or resist government foresightedly.What ill practices Baba Saheb fought against, how he paved the way of life for a subjugated society, why he was so great, the current generation must know all this because Baba Sahab Bhim Rao Ambedkar himself used to believe that "they who don't know their history can not make their history." Therefore it is essential to know the history in order to prevent any reoccurrence of the mistakes committed in past. The same is our intention in putting our sincere efforts to recapitulate that history, to showcase the agony which people faced in ancient time on screen through our upcoming feature film Shudra - The Rising. We believe the current generation would be sensitive enough to refrain from the curses of Casteism & Discrimination once they perceive the truth & history behind these terms. Our film is strictly against Casteism because the Casteism or Racism so far has been the single root cause of almost all the wars held across the globe. The casteism has always wrecked the world & perseveringly all set to ruin the whole world with help of terrorism.Sanjiv takes this subject highly vulnerable as it could be nasty to speak anything on history without knowing the facts, "after creating the whole plot by compiling all the historical facts o fancient times based on our intense research it became possible for us to finally start making the film. As a result of our sincere efforts now this film has been sent to International film festival.Before Shudra there are so many films on this poignant topic, out of which a socially-conscious, innovative and meaningful movie ‘Neecha Nagar’ (1946) won the prestigious Cannes FilmFestival Grand Prix award, this was made by the prominent film director Chetan Anand. Another big name in Hindi film Directors Shyam Benegal provided a deeper & pitiful insight into the ugliness of Indian caste system through his film ‘Ankur’ (1973). There are various Directors & Actors who have worked on this subject which include Govind Nihalani, Dadamuni Ashok Kumar as few famous names. Sanjiv Jaiswal who has beautifully depicted this intense subject on silver screen is now another link added to this chain.According to Sanjiv Jaiswal, "Films should not be like drugs that give a momentary high, with deadly after effects because Cinema is the sharpest tool of revolution & has a large & widespread influence over entire society. Therefore Films should rather be informative than just to entertain.We take Manoj Kumar Sahab as our source of inspiration & our teacher. All His movies have always had an impeccable blend of some message for society as well as the entertainment. And today I feel really glad to follow him & was able to bring a film with a message.Shudra belongs to art cinema or parallel cinema, when asked, Sanjiv sensibly answered, "Making film is an art so each film is more or less an art however vision & presentation of this art may vary from director to director. Still if you find it worth distinguishing between the two I would call Shudra- The Rising is a fiction based on tangible facts of real history & is purely a commercial film.We really found it difficult to exhibit the poignant depths of emotions of those oppressed people in history who were part of that downtrodden class of society. This actually was an agony which we never experienced or realized or was never beheld even. So, it was really challenging to deliver it with the same intensity & our entire crew did their best to take out history on celluloid as it was then. Shudra is our first feature film which is exclusively written & directed by me however, we produced 'Fareb' before this which was directed by Deepak Tijori. I always cherished a dream to produce a realistic film which has now been fulfilled by creating Shudra. Our object is not to hurt a person, community or religious concerns but to develop the innate capacities of the young generation by revealing the oppression & agony over a class of society as a repercussion of mistakes done by our ancestors. We believe this will help them eradicating Casteism & Discrimination by their hearts. Shudra The Rising is a heartfelt tribute to Baba Bhim Rao Ambedkar & our penance to the mistakes done by our ancestors. Our effort will be successful if even a few people on earth could take cognizance of it.Shudra- The Rising, is a poignant tale of strenuous rules & regulations foisted on a group of society who were condemned to subhuman existence, full of misery, hopelessness & doom. It finally turned out as an outburst of rebellion with apocalyptic consequences. Casteism is poison of society that catalyses the discrimination, malignity & disparity. Baba Bhimrao Ambedkar managed to liberate this oppressed society with help of the constitution drafted by him & upliftment was apparent. But today there are extremists who are still supporting & promoting this poison into the society. Our film with firm belief in “a change by heart can change entire society.” has a motive to expose agonies of ancient time to these extremists so as they could feel that soreness & empathize by heart.