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Dating multiple people at once is the norm! Know how to do it right



Online dating is quite trendy. It gives access to interact and date with many people available in many options. Casual dating between two people often leads to love affairs or relationship. These apps are a great way to have fun and meet people. Online dating is becoming more and more popular.

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When you are dating two persons at once you have to understand that it’s all about dating not love. Dating more than one person at a time is definitely a hard work to do. Dating many people at one time might actually help you find your best match in one of them. Here are some awesome tips to date more than one person at a time.

It’s not exclusive

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Most important rule that you should keep in your mind while dating more than one person at a time is you should never ever promise your partner about being faithful to him/her. It should not be exclusive with any of them.

Be honest

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Just be honest with your partners when you are double or triple dating. Always tell straight about your intensions and feelings. If you are asked whether you are seeing one or more people at one time then you should answer it honestly.

Be safe

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It is not necessary that dating requires sex but sometimes it does. While double dating, people often indulges into sex with both partners which may or may not be good for you.  Always be safe when you are having sex.

Don’t get serious

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If you are dating two persons at once, it is really important that you should not get serious with both of them as it would be dishonest. If you are finding that you are having extremely strong feelings for one over the other, you need to end the second relationship.

Be ready to choose

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When you are dating two partners at once then always be to choose between the two of them if needed. You can’t very well keep dating both of them if you have developed feeling for any one of them.

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Life Style

”Why Am I Still Single?” Know the Reasons Why People Often Stay Single



Single people always have some questions with themselves that why they are still single?, is there is any lack in

them? And many other questions like this arises. Finding right soulmate is so difficult people think, but this is not

that much tough. once you realize there are ways than you will fix it easily. Mostly singles are confused about why

love hasn’t found them yet, and how they can move forward to find love now. Singles thinks that they are alone in this

dater race but many people faces problem in dating some have trust issue, some time, some understanding. All singles face

problem at some or other point.

Here are some dating obstacles that singles face:

  1. You have unrealistic expectations.

Never have any unrealistic expectations you cannot judge any person on a paper , be always open you never know when you found your partner.  People carries lots of dreams in their minds that there partner would be like this or that, and in that dream they forgot to look at the real things.

2. You’re a workaholic.

If you hardly have time for yourself, than how do you expect to find time to go out on a date? When someone spends more time and energy on their work than on their personal life, of course they have trouble dating. So if you are workaholic than must make a good balance with your personal and professional life.

3. You don’t choose partners wisely.

Sometimes your old experience does not allows you to date, if you have a bad experience with your ex than this time make sure to choose your partner wisely.


4. You’re  a shy personality.

Many people are not comfortable in social situations, which is alright. But the only way to become more comfortable is to dive right in.


So if want to find your perfect soul make go out meet peoples, you never know when you are gonna meet your partner, because you live only once!

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