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SHOCKING ! These Bollywood Actors Were Caught Checking Out The Assests Of Actresses



Literally, men are men. Whether it is common man or a big celeb, tendency of men towards women are always same. Studies have found that men look at women’s bodies more than their faces. The study found that those bodies with larger breasts, narrower waists and bigger hips often prompted longer looks. These three body parts of women are men’s biggest weakness.

Age has nothing to do with it, as both young and old men do it. Male eyes seem to have no boundaries. However, what’s so interesting is that not only common male but celebs male do also have these habits. Here are few Bollywood stars who were caught staring at female actress in a very lusty way.

Salman Khan and Sohail Khan

Bhaijaan of Bollywood Salman Khan and his brother Sohail Khan were caught red handed staring at Huma Qureshi’s hip.

Aamir Khan

Not only one time, but Mr. Perfectionist has been caught two times while staring at women in a very lusty way. Above photographs are the proves.

Bad boy of Bollywood is well famous in bollywood for his bad image. Well, in one of his meeting with Sonam Kapoor he was caught gazing at her.
Ranveer Singh

Well it seems from the above photos that Ranveer Singh couldn’t hide his amusement


Shocking: Prateik Babbar shares topless photo of wife Sanya Sagar



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Mumbai: The newlywed couple of Bollywood film industry Prateik Babbar and his wife Sanya Sagar became victim of troll badly for posting nude snap of their self on photo sharing platform Instagram.

Bollywood actor Prateik Babbar got badly trolled by the netizens when he recently uploaded a semi-nude picture with his newly wedded wife and long-time girlfriend Sanya Sagar on Instagram to mark Valentine’s Day celebration.

In the photograph, the duo posed for a mirror selfie. While the two were showcasing their bond of love with each other, online users were disgusted to see Prateik and Sanya sharing their private moments on a public platform.


OMG: Recently wed Prateik Babbar shares nude snap of wife Sanya Sagar on Instagram


‘Disgusting’, ‘shame on you’, ‘pornstars’ were some of the terms that were lent by irked Instagram users to the couple while slamming them left, right and centre on their social media post.

On other hand, many people called it a publicity stunt to get instant fame on social media while many thought that the couple was high on drugs when they planned to show off their intimate moments on social media.

Now in this mirror selfie, the couple was seen semi-nude as one can easily see Prateik wearing just black colour sports shot and his wife Sanya was only wearing red colour panty with husband covered her valuable assets with his hand.


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